Finding the Right Haircut for You

There are a few things men need to consider when choosing a hairstyle. Hair texture, thickness, your face shape, and what you do for a living can make a big difference in finding something that looks good on you. The same haircut on a guy with curly hair is going to look a lot different on a man with straight hair, or even one with a little wave in his hair. I wouldn't give the same haircut to a teenager that I would to a older man who's hair is thinning. It's not just a matter of the thicker hair being thinned out by adding texture, a hairstyle that looks good on a guy with really thick hair may make the guy with thinner hair just look like he's trying to hard to hide his hair loss or to cover something up. Today I'm going to talk more about face shapes and which hair styles I think look best for each particular shape. These aren't written in stone-hard fast rules, even stylists have some disagreement on which styles look best for each face shape. 

For men, the ideal face shape is square. When a man has less of a square face, the idea is to get a cut that creates more of an illusion of a square. This doesn't necessarily mean every guy who sits in my chair gets a square haircut, but there are little tricks I can do to create the illusion of a square face. I'll get into that as I talk about each face shape individually.

If you are one of the lucky guys who already have a square face shape, pretty much any haircut from longer to short will look good, but neat and clean haircuts are going to look the best. The only thing that you have to worry about if you're a guy with a square face shape is that the shorter you go, the more it will look like a military hairstyle. 

If you have a rectangle face shape (long and narrow) what you really don't want is a big contrast between the top and sides--this will create the illusion that your face is even longer. A beard will do the same thing. A cut where the top and sides are proportionate and some hair falls over the forehead looks best on a guy with a rectangle shaped face.

On a man with a round face shape, I like to do the opposite that I would on a guy with a rectangle face shape. You want that contrast between the top and the sides. On a guy with a round face shape it helps great the illusion of having a strong jaw line. A well groomed beard can help with this as well.

Less men have diamond shaped faces than the ones listed above--but if you're a guy with one, you want something with softer lines, not too short (that will make your ears look bigger), and a side part. If you have a heart shaped face similar haircuts will work for you too.

For a triangle shape faced man, longer lengths are usually better. This adds volume to help offset the narrow forehead and wide jawline. I think beards don't look the best on guys with a triangle face shape because they're already so wide at the jawline and the beard makes it look even wider.

Below are some examples of the different face shapes on men.

When you do have an idea for a new hairstyle, or even if you don't have an idea, it's best to find pictures on the internet to show your barber/stylist. Even having multiple pictures is good if you only like part of one and a different part of another. I go on Reddit Male Hair Advice and I see so many posts with a picture asking, "What is this haircut called?" There will always be a lot of responses saying, "It's called take the picture into your barber." and then other comments with people debating on what the haircut is actually called. This is why I think bringing pictures in is best, the same haircuts are called different things regionally, or just from person to person. Where I moved from "the combover" when when an old guy brought all of his hair from one side across his bald head to try to cover up the fact that he's bald. A lot of people here call it a combover when a guy with plenty of hair parts it to one side. I had only heard that called a side part until I moved here.

Thanks for reading, I hope this blog has been helpful in helping you find a new hairstyle that will look best on you.